Also known as older age acne. This is an inflammation of blood vessels in the facial skin that is common in mostly light, thin and mature complexions. Exacerbation of the disease, throughout its various stages and its many causes, depends on genetics, longevity and a warm geographical environment. Its severity is influenced by the Folliculorum Demodex parasite.

An initial stage called DIATHESIS redness appearing occasionally as a reaction for various internal and external stimuli.

Occasional redness  Multiplication and expansion of blood vessels in the skin which cause red skin, particularly around the cheeks area Small pimples / pustules / papules 

Home therapy: Morning/evening cleaning of the skin with the Herbal Plants Cleansing Mousse preparation Apply D .Herbal Medi - calm Cream Forte – apply uniformly all over the face until absorbed. On top of it, apply toning serum D. Immediate Age-Less  Serum   **if it feels dry, you may apply some REFINER nourishment cream 5 minutes later.In the evening: clean you face with Herbal Plants Cleansing Mousse and apply the preparation D .Herbal Medi - calm Cream Forte again, and after it is absorbed apply 4 squeezes of Green Orchid  DermaHeal. Before bedtime: apply a thin layer of D. Herbal Medi – Calm  Forte + Cream Mask. Wait for it to dry and leave on overnight. Another option: in situations where skin is particularly red, apply Relaxing Mask Caviar & Honey leave on for 20 minutes and remove with water

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