ONE step peel

₪ 409



The exfoliating product that will change your facial skin!
Powerful exfoliator containing unique phytotherapy botanical acids from the field of phytotherapy, combined with micro-filler technology to reduce wrinkle depth.
The synergy of the ingredients of the product with traditional Japanese herbs has been shown to have an effect on changing the texture of the facial skin. Eradication of acne scars (at all levels), lightening of skin spots / melasma, tightening, firming, lightening and stretching pre-aging effect. A natural substitute for various aesthetic procedures.

Sprinkle on cosmetic pad / gauze and apply to all areas of the face 1-2 times a day.
* You can apply about 5 drops of exfoliator and soak.
*Highly recommended! Application of Lift-U-Up cream (from the same series) over the exfoliator, or Dermaheal cream over problematic skin.
Suitable for all skin types and shades.

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