₪ 99

Want a beard your wife, partner and kids won’t be able to resist? Get an irresistibly soft & touchable beard with the Peacock Styling Beard Cream. Join the revolution of proud men taking care of their beards!

Botanical ingredients enriched with Cannabis Seed, Sage, Pomegranate Seed & Oat oils plus Curcumin extract not only softens your beard by nourishing the hair fiber deep into the root but also keeps the skin underneath clean and healthy. Protect and hydrate your beard, reduce skin irritations, inflammation, dryness, and itchiness with the addition of Chia Seeds and Argan Oil.

Great for all skin & beard types.

Directions: After washing and drying your beard, apply small amount to the palm of your hand. Work the cream into your beard with your fingers in a combing like motion until absorbed. Add more cream to reach a desired style for your day!

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