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A unique "bio-energetic" serum created using plant stem cell technology. Centella Reverca Root stem cells are combined with EGF growth factors to prevent skin damage at the cellular level, while renewing and rejuvenating the skin's texture and repairing accumulated damage. Helps reduce the depth of wrinkles at the "Multi Power" level and assists in the reduction of enlarged pores and the increase of natural hydration for firming and stretching over time.


Active ingredients include:

* Bio Functional Peptides for calming overactive facial muscles.

* New generation filler technology for helping to reduce the depth of wrinkles.

* Inst’TightTM for stretching and firming.

* Amino acids for increased hydration and encouraging collagen and elastin production.

* Extraction of adaptogen herbs, commonly used in botanical medicine for soothing skin irritations.

*Matcha Extract, Moringa Oil, Camu Camu Extract, Arnica Extract

Suitable for all skin types

** Use as a natural alternative to an aesthetic operation.

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