Shipments and delivery

We at SR deliver all products in fast mail deliveries by “Yahav Mishloachim”

  “Yahav” Deliveries makes overnight deliveries.

Delivery time for products in stock is 5 business days and subject to product availability in stock.

For an order that was sent via Israel Post – the delivery time specified in the order is an estimated delivery time and depends exclusively on the Israel Post service.

If the product is not in stock, SR will notify the customer of the current delivery times and the customer will be reserved the right whether he wants to complete the order and wait the specified period of time or alternatively not complete the transaction.

Delivery times include business days only (Sundays-Thursdays) and do not include Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves, weekdays and holidays, nor the day of ordering the product.

In the event that entities or events that are not under SR’s control delay or prevent the completion of the sale of the products or their delivery on the date set and published on the website and / or at the call center, SR will offer the customer a choice between receiving the product or canceling the transaction.

Below are shipping options

Delivery costs with “Yahav Mishloachim”

Delivery to the house (all over the country) – costs 29.90 shekels + taxes up to five business days

Order over 1000 NIS – delivery is free to the customer’s home!

Free self-collection!

Warehouse address: Industry 15 Raanana – by appointment!

Order delivery time

Home delivery – up to 5 business days

Business days are considered Sundays-Thursdays, not including Fridays, Saturdays, holiday eves, holidays and weekdays.

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