Ever Cure - Retinol Cure

₪ 289

Pure retinol serum utilizes a unique capsular technology CelluCap™ R which makes it stable.

The retinol component serves as a receptor with a rejuvenating effect on the skin, treats acne symptoms, supports skin pigmentation lightening as well as repairing an array of skin damages.

The molecular novelty are the micro absorbents which contribute to the dermal transport of the formula’s ingredients and enhance their required activity. Consists healing herbs from the Amazon region.

The active ingredients;

Pure encapsulated retinol, lifting factor, arbutin, niacin amide, hamamelis, acai oil, camu camu extract, brazil nut oil, cold pressed enderova oil, copoazu, muru muru, bisabolol , hamamelis, Melissa and others. 



* It’s recommended that you apply Mesotox serum on top of the serum.

**Caution! Not to be used by; Pregnant/breastfeeding women, women with dark skin it’s recommended that women with sensitive skin start using gradually and with close professional supervision.

  • Pay attention! Must be used with sunscreen during day hours

Suitable for all skin type – custom tailored to fit your skin

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